rise-x.io named in the Top 10 Blockchain Startups of 2020 by CIO Outlook

May 27, 2020

Perth, Australia: rise-x.io named in the Top 10 Blockchain Tech Companies of 2020 by CIO Outlook. The award recognizes companies at the forefront of providing enterprise blockchain solutions

The team was recognised for their pragmatic application of blockchain technology to help companies to improve transparency and traceability in complex industrial supply chains.  

Talking to the value of blockchain, Rowan Fenn, CEO of rise-x.io says “Blockchain is only part of what we do, but this proven and developing technology plays a critical role in helping companies to simplify internal and external administration, improve efficiency and reduce costs to serve clients. End to end transparency and traceability coupled with lower costs to serve means better cheaper services for customers and growing market share for the clients who use our platforms.”

rise-x.io continues to demonstrate their ability to work with the most admired companies in the verticals in which they choose to operate, delivering quality products and experiences to turn skeptics into customers.  This ability to demonstrate continued traction has set them apart from other start-ups who are competing in this space. Fenn believes it is the focus on customers and delivering unbeatable simplicity that separates rise-x.io from the crowd. “We spend a lot of time with customers, as much time as they will afford us, challenging their belief of what's possible, learning, understanding and adapting our strategy to ensure we deliver value to the end user in a package that is brilliant to use and very easy to consume. Blockchain is not a bite size topic for most customers but our solutions are,” says Fenn.

Rise-x.io is currently developing their platform to be more consumable by making it completely adaptable and configurable to suit any use case in any supply chain. “We are working hard to give ourselves the best opportunity to scale this technology in as many applications as possible” concludes Fenn.

About rise-x.io

rise-x.io is a technology company that builds enterprise solutions to support value chain and supply chain automation. Their innovative digital solutions are built to enable autonomous commerce to support machine to machine commercial opportunities to unlock new frontiers of productivity and increase the carrying capacity of the planet. rise-x.io has a corporate presence in the Asia Pacific Region and Europe through their offices in Perth, Singapore and Spain. Recently, the company was named in the Top 10 Blockchain Companies of 2020.


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