Hello, Hola, G'day, Nihao!

We are a global technology company passionate about inventing intelligent solutions that increase the carrying capacity of the planet.


Increase the carrying capacity of the planet by transforming how industry does business.


Unlock full human potential in the future of work with conscious ecosystems


Connect, simplify and optimize workflows for people, planet and profit.

Our Story

We are a deep technology company pioneering nimble solutions for sustainable growth. We left big consulting in 2017 to build the world-first SaaS solution for blockchain-based multi-party automation. Our Ecosystem Operating Platform (EOP), built on proprietary DIANA technology, enables distributed access at the edge and real-time collaboration. We are global technologists in Australia, Singapore, Barcelona, and Silicon Valley, who believe in accelerating digital transformation in carbon heavy industries to increase the carrying capacity of the planet.

Our team

Rowan Fenn

co-founder & ceo

David Barker

co-founder & cTO

Alan Samuel


Brian Purio

product owner

Mat Harvey

product owner

Ryan Kirke

product owner

Capt Walter Purio


Bonnie Lin

Strategic advisor

Simon Abboud

Europe lead

Shannon Coates

Strategic advisor

Ramon Samuel

Data scientist

Anastasia Krimerman

Ui/ux design lead

Sherlee Dizon

Senior Software Engineer - Backend

Arthur San Juan

Senior software engineer - backend

Rodney Buendia

Software engineer -backend

Xavier Jamito

software engineer - frontend

Bethuel Dela Cruz

software engineer - frontend

Our core values


Our values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive Rise-X.  Our values are our DNA, they reflect what we stand for, they give us a sense of responsibility.


Leadership is an expectation we have of our people and we expect our people to serve the greater good, and in doing so, to be role models for those that look up to them and for those who come after them.


We charge our people to build a lasting legacy. Whether we are developing people, building better organisations, better industries or even a better world our intention is simple.


We believe that fair is fun, and that everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.


At rise-x.io trust is given and not earned. We give our trust to our people and our partners and we expect the same in return.


Every person, given the right support and motivation and placed in the right context has the capacity to be a leader. It just takes courage. Like a muscle, courage grows with exercise.