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SysteMedic joins the XPrize Pandemic Alliance in fight against COVID-19

SysteMedic joins the XPrize Pandemic Alliance in fight against COVID-19

SysteMedic- a blockchain based health management system - today announced that it has joined the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance.

Alongside Alliance partners including Intel, Illumina, MIT Solve, Nvidia, IDEO and others, SysteMedic will provide unique insight into how blockchain and emerging technologies can be used to create intelligent solutions that help mitigate the risks of COVID-19. The platform enables broad-based population screening leveraging rapid testing to enable healthcare professionals, industries, and sovereign nations with tools required to efficiently manage and treat positive cases while respecting citizens data privacy. Unaffected individuals can be delivered secured Digital Health pass to access sensitive facilities and services that pose a potential risk (transport, events in confined space, confined workspaces etc.).

The XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance calls on the most urgent and promising solutions that might help prevent,contain, and stop the spread of COVID-19. With over 190 members it is a global community that is united in a common purpose to address the immediate needs and find long-term solutions to pandemic threats.

“We are excited to join XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance and contribute to the global effort to find solutions to COVID-19. Our team has worked incredibly fast to gather industry qualification and develop a more resilient healthcare platform to fight COVID-19and future pandemics. Leveraging’s existing DIANA technology platformand the right strategic industry partner, SysteMedic can be turned into working,real life software in a matter of days” says Rowan Fenn, CEO,

Since its conception blockchain technology has shown promise in its application in a healthcare context and the team at SysteMedic is looking to capture this promise. “Our technology has broad application across a large range of qualified healthcare uses cases beyond pandemics. COVID-19 provides an opportunity to onboard users and create a digital healthcare platform that advances the healthcare industry to be more transparent, safe and efficient” concludes Fenn.

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