Biofouling impacts ship owners, the environment and your community

Translocation of Invasive Marine Species

Up to 65% of invasive marine species are introduced via the hulls of ships.

Invasive species can have catastrophic impacts on local marine bio-diversity which for some societies is the backbone of their economic prosperity.

Increased Fuel Consumption & Emissions

Biofouling on the hulls of ships builds up over time, increasing resistance and drag when steaming.

This build up requires ships to consume more fuel, increasing costs to vessel operators and increasing GHG emissions.

IMO Guidelines

The IMO have issued resolution MPEC.207(62) to manage biofouling globally.

These guidelines are necessary, however they increase the risk of non-compliance which could be costly for vessel operators.

BioPass reduces operating cost and risk, and protects the environment

A common information record on a paperless application

We've digitalized the vessel cleaning process from job creation through to settlement.

A vessels biofouling information is captured and recorded by service providers and written directly to the blockchain.

We use this information to automate back office processes, reducing the need for paper-based documents and increasing service provider operational efficiency.

End-to-End Transparency & Immutability

Distributed-ledger technology (DLT) gives us the ability to chronologically record transactions throughout any process with complete immutability.

BioPass automatically creates a vessel profile and every cleaning intervention logged against that vessel via the platform is easily accessible, 100% trustworthy and ready to share.

Automated & Dynamic Risk Assessment

We provide users with a dynamic risk assessment of their vessel.

This assessment is based upon analysing data captured during vessel cleaning interventions, planned ship routes and planned port stringency.

Dynamic risk assessments provide unique insights that can help vessel owners manage their fleets with greater precision.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Our system is designed to always accommodate the latest changes in regulations. We automatically generate reports meaning you just need to press send.

No more time spent worrying about compliance and more time spent doing what you do best.

Ship management made easy!

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