Transform supply chain

One of the worlds largest Energy Companies uses DIANA EOP to transform their supply chain operations to meet the challenges of the Global Energy Transition.

Meet a Large Multi-national Oil & Gas Company

We rely on our supply ecosystem for goods and services that are critical to the reliable, safe and efficient operation of our business Our supply ecosystem is complex and chaotic and includes thousands of companies using hundreds of systems. Information exchange is often manual and no single party has an accurate view of the full picture increasing risk and costs of supply chain operations. Using DIANA EOP, we completed our transformation project in half the time and for a quarter of the cost vs the nearest competitor. The team at Rise-x were awesome to work with and they over-delivered!

Huub Jansen

Strategy & Transformation Lead, Supply Chain


Why we chose DIANA EOP

Safe & efficient operation

Automated high speed information exchange

Total transparency of supply chain operations

DIANA is a game changer

With DIANA EOP we are building an intelligent supply chain, that uses data and insights to allocate resources in the most efficient and effective way.

Automated workflows

Real-time collaboration

Smart contracts

End to end transparency

DIANA makes us different

We are taking advantage of the collective wisdom of our supply ecosystem to exploit opportunities we were not able to identify before. We are simpler, smarter and stronger on DIANA.

Back office cost reduction

Beyond digital

All companies across our supply ecosystem can work in a common flow. It’s simpler, quicker and much more efficient than it used to be.Using DIANA EOP, we completed our transformation project in half the time and for a quarter of the cost vs the nearest competitor.

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