Work together smarter, faster, greener.

Ecosystem Operating Platform (EOP) to connect, simplify and optimize any multi-party workflow.


Key Features

Our EOP integrates with your existing software and is uniquely built on blockchain technology, aligning legal entities, physical assets, users, and data to create auditable, immutable records.
It's your workflow backed by a smart contract.

Multi-party workflows
Increase Productivity

Smart Contracts
Reduce Risk

End to end transparency
Accelerate Trust

What others are saying about

" Our partnership with allows us to extend the capabilities of ADP driving end to end digitalization and the resulting visibility and cost savings that reach from the front office to the back office and beyond."
Tyler Baron
Minerva Bunkering
" By removing unnecessary steps and creating one environment where we can collaborate in real time with out suppliers using common data, we have saved 50% on transaction costs and reduced process error by more than 95%."
Huub Jansen
Strategy & Transformation lead,
woodside energy